March 20, 2019

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee holds 1st Meeting

March 18, 2019

SAS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Meeting #1 - March 18, 2019
Welcome & Introductions

All members of the Committee introduced themselves and shared a little background about themselves.

Here is a list of the members of the SAS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee:

Shimul Bhuva
Afifa Corrigan
Andre Harding
Lauren Hornberger
Keith Koebel
Jessica Lefort
Smita Nagpal
Danielle Nicholls-Slovinski
Krissy Parra
Nicole Rogan
Vivek Sankaran
Elizabeth Soto
Kelly Ann Tressler
Channon Washington
Ira Weintraub
Melissa Zaksek

Board of Education Participants
Paul Hynek
Susan Estep
Michael McVey

SAS Administration
Scot Graden
Steve Laatsch

Board of Education Remarks (Paul Hynek)

SAS Board of Education (BOE) President, Paul Hynek, provided a few opening remarks about the BOE Trustees and their role on this Committee. It is primarily to listen and hear what members of this Committee are recommending moving forward as a result of this work.

Opening Activity

Kelly Tressler - Saline High School Teacher and UPROAR! Advisor (Saline’s Diversity Group) led us in a “Cultural Bingo” activity.

This was an attempt to learn a little bit more about various cultures and the diversity that is demonstrated throughout our world.

Establish Group Norms

It is important for us to have an understanding of how we need to work together as a team

We looked at 6 areas that we established as important to develop norms for. These included:

  • Listening
  • Participation
  • Expectations
  • Confidentiality
  • Decision Making
  • Time

Committee Charge

The Committee discussed the “charge” that we will be working on. This includes:

  • Address culturally inclusive curriculum and a safe and supportive environment for our students and staff.
  • Seek a clearer definition of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and how this work connects to the Saline Area Schools.

Future Meeting Schedule

April 3, 2019 has been established as the date of the next meeting

We have sent out a poll to Committee members to establish the best meeting “days of the week”. From that, we plan to set the meeting schedule for the rest of this school year and the 2019/20 school year.