April 4, 2019

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee holds 2nd Meeting

Meeting #2 - April 3, 2019

Welcome & Introductions
Culturally inclusive curriculum in a safe & supportive environment.

Developing Working Definitions - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Divided into triad small groups:
Keith, Danielle, Vivek, Liz
Andre, Melissa, Nicole
Channon, Ira, Lauren
Kelly, Shimul, Jessica
Smita, Afifa, Krissy

Definition Discussion & Refining
Channon Washington provided background information about how we can better define our work as it relates to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Committee members broke up into triads (groups) to analyze and discuss  the definitions of:

“Diversity”  as provided by Ferris State, National Education Association and University of Michigan DEI Department.

(Triads spent 10 minutes discussing the term diversity and then reported back to the whole group for 10 minutes)

“Equity” as provided by Courageous Conversations, U of M DEI Department, The Center for Social Inclusion, and The Ann E. Casey Foundation

(Triads spent 10 minutes discussing the term equity and then reported back to the whole group for 10 minutes)

    c. “Inclusion” as provided by U of M DEI Department, etc.

(Triads spent 10 minutes discussing the term inclusion and then reported back to the whole group for 10 minutes)

Next Steps:

The Committee  should consider a mission (purpose) statement that is rather simplistic to help us get focused on the work. Something like:

It is the mission of the SAS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to support a school district where all students (and families) feel welcome and have a strong sense of belonging.

Various groups can write mission statements……….

Between now and the next meeting on April 16th, a few of the Committee members will look to clean up the language for a mission statement AND the definitions (diversity, equity and inclusion). At the next meeting, the Committee will look to narrow down the focus and come to agreement with the mission statement and these definitions.

Future Meeting Schedule

April - 16th (Re-schedule of Mary Beno, WISD/LESA Regional School Health Coordinator)

Statistics & Data - LBGTQ+ Youth AND continued discussion of George  Case Study)

Wednesday, May 8th
Tuesday, June 4th
Wednesday, August 14th
Tuesday, September 17th
Wednesday, October 16th
Tuesday, November 19th
Wednesday, December 4th

Items moved to April 16th agenda

1. LGBTQ+ Youth - Definitions, Statistics
2. George Case Study
How do we help our students see themselves and their identity within the books that they read in school?
Background Information
Windows and Mirrors
Triad work

Take 5 minutes to reflect independently and jot down some examples….

MIRRORS: How have you seen yourself in books/ literature?  This could be when you were a child or present day…..

WINDOWS: How have you seen others reflected in books / literature? This could be when you were a child or present day…..

Take 10-15 minutes to discuss these examples with your triad.  Further, discuss WHY it’s important for you to see yourself or others in the books / literature that we read?

Misc. Updates
Diversity & Inclusion Focus Groups (Grades 6-12)
We are working to seek feedback from students in regards to our DEI efforts. We are seeking their voice.
Social Justice Reading Lists (Channon Washington)