September 9, 2019

New Teacher Spotlight: Rocky Palazzolo

Name: Rocky Palazzolo

Building/Position: Saline High School, Physical Education & Health

Hometown: Pittsfield, MI

Education: Eastern Michigan University

Favorite Book: A Season on the Mat

Favorite Hobby: Wrestling/Football/Coaching

Leadership Style: Lead by Example

List the top 3 things that are essential to a productive classroom: Opportunity for success, Relating information, student engagement

What or who has inspired you to teach? Former coaches

Describe what it's like to be an employee of Saline Area Schools: Working for Saline Area Schools is an incredible opportunity. Teachers are able to work in an amazing environment with an abundance of tools necessary for student success as well as their own. Not to mention, being imbedded in a great community that supports Saline Area Schools in the classrooms as well as outside of the school in Athletics and various organizations. I am extremely grateful to be a part of Saline Area Schools and Hornet Nation!

Twitter Handle: @CoachPalazzolo