April 29, 2020

Saline Area Schools (SAS) Partners with Huron Valley Ambulance

The Clorox 360, an electrostatic sprayer, can quickly disinfect a room or space and all of the contents without employees having to touch a single surface. Saline Area Schools Buildings and Grounds staff use this whenever an illness arises and specific facilities need disinfecting in between school days. 

The disinfectant that Clorox sells for it is rated to kill most viruses and bloodborne pathogens, including Covid-19. Superintendent Graden and SAS Director of Operations, Rex Clary, established a partnership with Huron Valley Ambulance (HVA) to provide our machine during these trying times. 

Paul Hood (VP of Community Relations at HVA) was elated to add this resource to the organization, using the machine to sanitize ambulances and crew quarters and keep the EMT’s and Paramedics safe. “We are so grateful at HVA to have awesome partners like the Saline school district to help keep us safe on the front lines of this pandemic. Rex even delivered additional products to us on his own time. I can't say enough to express how thankful we are!”

Rex credits a strong relationship with Nichols Paper & Supply. “We have to thank Dan Jez at Nichols for fast-tracking/supplying the product for this machine. Their strong customer service allows Saline to focus on student and staff well-being and establish strong community partnerships such as this.” 

For more information on the Clorox 360, click HERE.

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