July 19, 2020

Science Olympiad Team Creates Experiments for Youth

The Saline High School Science Olympiad team, lead by Captain Daniel Kang, has spent the summer working on an incredible project for all Saline elementary and middle school students.

With the onset of the pandemic and stay at home orders, our students were unable to participate in the numerous fun science experiences that they would have otherwise been doing at school. The team came together and created a series of videos that cover various experiments, from making ice cream at home to learning about surface tension with water droplets and pennies. The high school students began working on these videos early June and took 2 weeks to brainstorm ideas for the videos and filming them and spent the following 2 weeks editing the footage.

The Science Olympiad team is one of 85 clubs at Saline High School, and is run by Coaches Nath Akella and Don Winsor. However, this project was mostly independent of them and was mainly orchestrated by the students. The team roster includes: Yolien Lao (graduated), Dana Kachman (graduated), Daniel Kang (12), Deric Dinu Daniel (12), Maya Abdallah (12), Gabe Cueto (11), Jason Hu (11), Joseph Chen (11), Josie Cayen (11), Josie Sullivan (11), Ryan Fischer (11) and Sreyan Bandyopadhyay (11)

Students and families - click HERE to view the videos and start experimenting! 

Questions? Contact Team Captain Daniel Kang at kangs@salinehornets.org 

ice cream