SAS Head Lice Policy

The School District will screen student(s) for head lice on an as-needed basis.  If a student is found to be infested with head lice, he/she will be sent home at the end of the school day and a notice will be transmitted to the parent(s)/guardian(s). The notice will state the conditions the family and student must meet prior to returning to school.  In addition, a Head Lice notification letter and treatment fact sheet will be sent home to the entire class.  This fact sheet is provided by the Washtenaw County Health Department.

The student(s)/guardian(s) must provide documentation of treatment and the student must be free of live lice to return to class.

Return to School/Class

  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must accompany the student when returning to school
  • The student will be examined prior to return to class.
  • If live lice are present, the student will return home with the parent(s)/guardian(s)

Copies of this policy, along with District rules and regulations governing head lice control and advice to parent(s)/guardian(s) on head lice control in the home, will be distributed to students and parent(s)/guardian(s)  in a manner determined by the Superintendent.

Approved: November 11, 2008

LEGAL REF: Michigan Head Lice Manual, Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Department of Community Health, July 2004.

For more information, please contact Karan Hervey, District Nurse.


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