Human Resources: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a name change?

Neither the Human Resources Department nor the Technology Department can change anything until you have a new Social Security card issued with your new name.  Once you have the card please bring it to the HR office and we will make a copy and officially change your name in our system.  We will also contact the IT department.  They will contact you about your new user ID.

 How do I view my personnel file?

You may call the HR Coordinator, Kendra Kokelaar at 401-4014 to make an appointment. 

I've forgotten my AESOP password, who do I call?

Contact Kendra Kokelaar at 401-4014.

How do I check my seniority?

The seniority lists (SEA and ESP) are located on the district website under the Human Resources Department.  You will find links to both lists there, a district login is required.  Questions regarding your seniority should be addressed to Amy Theisen.

Can I get a copy of my labor contract?  Where?

Contact your association president or download it from the district website.  Contracts are all available in the Budget and Salary Transparency link on the main page.

I am retiring, who should I call?

Contact the Office of Retirement Services (ORS) at 1-800-381-5111 or on line at

An employee has been injured on the job.  What should happen next?

  • If the injury is life threatening 911 should be called immediately.  All other injured employees should contact their immediate supervisor to report the injury.
  • The injured employee should take the completed Concentra Authorization (available in the Form Center) form to Concentra, our approved provider.
  • The injured employee and/or should complete an Accident Report (available in the Form Center) within 24 hours of the injury.
  • The completed Accident Report should then be faxed to the Human Resources Department 401-4096.  Completing these steps within the first 24 hours greatly reduces the District's cost.
  • If a child is injured, use the same accident report and forward it to the Business Office.

I have completed my Master's or Master's +30.  What do I need to do to receive my raise?

Your pay for the school year is based on classes/degrees completed before the first day of school.  Your pay increase will not appear in your paycheck until the HR office receives an original copy of your transcripts.  If the transcripts are received (for classes taken before school begins) after the first pay your increase will be retroactive to the first official pay of the school year.   Please have all transcripts sent from the school to:

Amy Theisen
Saline Area Schools
7265 Saline-Ann Arbor Road
Saline, Michigan  48176