TeachING STAFF/SEA Employees

Absence Reporting System (AESOP)

You will be receiving an email from our HR Dept. with your login information.
Quick Start Guide

Benefit Information

PDF Document2019 Benefit Guide


Computer Login/Email

Once the Technology Department has received your signed AUP and ID will be created for you.  If you have not already read the Acceptable Use Policy and returned the signature form please do so immediately.  No login information, including phone, will be given out until that is received.  Mary Burnette, IT Coordinator, will send your login information for computer, email and phone to your building.  Mary is also in charge of the picture ID badges.  Pictures for these badges are usually taken at your Orientation meeting.

For technology requests and to report problems the IT Department uses a Help Desk.  To access the Help Desk login to the District homepage and the link will be displayed in your User Menu.

Inclement Weather Policy

Board Policy 4080

Phones and other Equipment

Voicemail Quick Start Guide
Voicemail User Guide

Saline Education Association (SEA) Contract

2017-2018 SEA Contract

403b Purchase Agreement and Approved Vendor List  

Approved Vendor List
Purchase Agreement Form

District Policies

Child Protection Law - 3200 Reporting Form
Corporal Punishment - Alternatives
Criminal History and Background Checks
Religious Observances
District MIOSHA Contacts
Self Reporting - School Safety Legislation

Access the policies and type the adjacent number into the search box in the upper right corner of the webpage.  Below are some of the policies contained in the Board of Education Policy Manual.  The entire manual may be found on-line.

Administration of Medication by School Personnel 2780
Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace 5350
Assaults Committed by Students 8530
Computer Network Policies  4510
      System Integrity  
 Computer Software Copyright  4250
 Confidential Information, Release of (FERPA)  5180
 Conflict of Interest, Employee  5230
 Electronic Communication Devices  5250
 Equipment, District Use of by Staff  5230
 Non-Discrimination and Complaint Procedure  5030
 Sexual Harassment, Civil Rights  5035
 Staff Conduct  5200
      Federal Compliance  
      Staff Appearance  
 Staff Smoking and Tobacco Products  5345
 Staff/Student Relations  5220
      Threats to Students  
 Student  8000
      Assistance / Substance Abuse Policy  8530
      Bullying  8018
      Harassment  8260
 Suspension and Dismissal  5540
      Reporting Crimes and Convictions  
 Technology / Web Pages / Video Use  7463
 Weapons, Possessing, Transporting or Transmitting  5205
 Wellness  8453