Payroll: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change my deductions (withholding)?

There are forms available in the HR office and in the on-line Form Center.  Complete the form and return to HR.  Depending where we are in the pay schedule cycle your changes will become effective within the next two pays. 

Who do I contact with questions about the amount of my check?

Saline Schools payroll questions may be directed to Kendra Kokelaar.

GMS employees should call Kendra if they question the total number of hours for which they are being paid.  Questions pertaining to anything else, withholdings, total deductions etc. should be directed to Good Marks for Schools (GMS).

Who do I contact with questions on my W2 form?

The best method of contact with any questions is email.  You may email staff directly* or send an email to the HR Department, either way we will respond as quickly as possible to your question.  

  • Saline Area Schools - Kendra Kokelaar
  • Good Marks for Schools (GMS) 

*If you are unsure of areas of responsibility in HR you will find them on the Human Resources web page.

How do I get my On-line Payroll password if I have forgotten it? 

Send an email to HR Department and someone will respond to you promptly.

Who is my contact if I have 403b questions?

If your question pertains to your personal 403(b) account please contact your approved vendor (i.e. Thrivent, Templeton) directly.  Approved Vendor List

How often are we paid?

We are paid every two weeks.  A complete list of paydays may be found on the SAS Online Payroll System login page.