Revill105 bioBarb Revill - Toledo, OH

Having her inspiration be “my imagination first, then the world around me,” BARBARA REVILL has been creating her entire life but started doing craft shows in the early 1990’s. “When my daughter was born, I wanted her to have a unique one-of-a-kind cat doll,” says Barb of her creative dolls, her product line for the Saline shows. She especially enjoys being her own boss and the self expression it permits, but the Halloween season is her favorite. From witches to “Kats”, she designs and makes these best sellers. “I imagine the doll; design and develop it and then the story comes alive as I knit the doll sweater,” Barb relates. “I love to knit and the little doll sweaters are my favorite,” she states. Barb loves her customers and relates “I accidentally put the payment check in with the purchase, and the customer continued through the show. The customer called that night to relate the check’s location, Barb was overwhelmed and sent her a note of thanks and special treat.