Starting over a decade ago, Nana and Papa’s Chocolates creates fantastic toffee and chocolates.  BOB and KATHY BARTLEY started this business in a most unusual way by taking a class from a friend in her home.  Kathy (Nana) then proceeded to make a batch for their oldest son who is a chef.  He fell in love with it and encouraged them to begin making and selling it.  They slowly added other products based on customer requests and then “friend-test” ---this includes coworkers, coffee buddies, neighboring businesses, family friends, and neighbors. Their comments and criticisms are taken to heart and thus the development of their wide range of products.  One customer, in particular, bought over 100 pounds of toffee.  When they inquired as of her use, the customer remarked: “I make Christmas boxes for our troops in Iraq.”  Saline customers can avail themselves to this special treat right here and as Bob (Papa) says, “try our toffee, it is truly amazing.”