Walter_0025Jean Wolter - Chelsea, MI

My knitting career started as a young mother and wife, knitting hats, mittens and sweaters for 3 children and my husband and me. When all three children were in school I returned to the workforce as a secretary at the University of Michigan for 27 years. No knitting happened again until I retired. Since I had access to a wonderful yarn store in Chelsea where classes and beautiful yarns were available, I decided to pick up knitting again. I soon found myself immersed in yarn catalogs and a whole new world of colors, textures and stitches. Before long I had a rainbow of 25 gorgeous scarves. I asked my children what to do with all these scarves. One daughter suggested joining me in a combined operation to sell my scarves and her huge collection of newly created jewelry. After a good deal of brainstorming I arrived at the name “Knits & Glitz”.

I soon found that producing stuff was not what drove my desire to knit, but that creating stunning combinations of colors and textures and making useful products that looked wonderful on people and made them feel good was the driving force. While I have experienced the joy of seeing some of my products locally on attractive people out and about, I fantasize about running into one of my customers in Chicago, or Germany or Japan on one of our family trips.

I now knit & sell felted hats, bags and flowers and a variety of knit items including evening wraps and bags, cowls, infinity scarves, beaded sashes, and hat/scarf sets.  My collection of knit/felted hats consists of three original styles all in a large array of colors & sizes. Approximately 60-70% of my sales are felted hats.