Jody Feldkamp - Saline, MI

JODY FELDKAMP started crafting “Jody’s Bows” in 2014 and even though she considers herself a “newbie”, she credits her inspiration to her daughter.  When her daughter was born, Jody couldn’t wait to “deck her out head to toe with girly girl stuff.”   Being an educator as her day job, Jody finds the perfecting of her bow making skills a relaxing challenge.  She has expanded her offerings to include not only every day hair bows, but also bows for holidays, special occasions, just for fun, over-the-top hair bows, bow boards, headbands and much more.  She even creates custom bows for group costumes, sports teams, school spirit and the ever-popular cheer bows.  Some folks find that having too many options makes it hard to decide, but Jody think that’s the beauty of a hand-made product!  Jody’s favorite customer story is about a woman who was purchasing an extensive variety of bows.  The woman indicated that she was purchasing them for her friend who had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo treatments.  Her friend had lost her hair so the woman wanted to get her friend some accessories.  Her friend was not interested in a wig and wanted to show the world what she went through. The woman thought some head accessories would be exactly what her friend needed.  Jody’s heart just melted!   Jody says, “The possibilities are endless with every new season or an idea sparks a few more and I can’t wait to make them all! “