Karin WareKARIN WARE - Williamston, MI

“Just a girl trying to stay home with her kids and still make a living! I started this business in 2001 on a whim. I was lying in bed and thought...I wonder if I could make jewelry my business?” 

KARIN WARE had a lot of question and was unsure people would be willing to buy the things she made? And then the name "Just Ware It!" popped into her head (my last name is WARE) and I just thought this was meant to be. Her business has truly been blessed since day one!  “I am THANKFUL.”  KARIN WARE is truly a creative crafter of jewelry doing both traditional beaded pieces and “imprint” pieces.  Her enthusiastic manner makes her booth one of the most popular.  And her creativity of “Ware Options” necklaces provide a new twist with a second clasp and chain to be able to wear them long or short.  “I Love to try to have something new and unique as well as the loyal customers at each show,” Karin relates. And she continues, “Every outfit is an opportunity to accessorize and Just Ware It! jewelry gives you that little something extra, that something that makes you stand out from the crowd.”  Her newest addition is the hand-stamped imprint bracelets and other jewelry—totally personalized for every person in the family.   Come meet this talented artist and witness her creations.