KARIN WARE - Williamston, MI

“Jewelry is a chance for every woman to express her own style.  Every outfit is an opportunity to accessorize and ‘Just Ware It! Jewelry’ gives you that little something extra, that something that makes you stand out from the crowd,” says KARIN WARE.  Being a Michigan based jewelry designer she specializes in contemporary beaded jewelry and hand stamped metal jewelry.  Although she started in Hotel Management and Corporate Relocation, her passion for design and fashion soon dominated her career path.  Looking back to when she started her business in 2001, she sees herself as a young mom wanting to stay home with her children and still make a living!  Those phenomenal "kids" have now graduated from college, two in college and they're still the LOVES of her life and best friends, along with her hard-working, supportive husband!!  Starting with home shows and then transitioning into art fairs like Saline and even a few in the greater Chicago area, she is excited to finally have an online Etsy store!!

In early 2016 Karin became a Certified Maker for the MyIntent project and loves that it gives her a chance to touch lives and create a meaningful piece that serves as a daily reminder of what's important in life.  Find her on  “Just Ware It! Jewelry” facebook page and follow @justwareit on Instagram to stay up to date.

Clearly inspired by the fashion industry, Karin embraces the colors, patterns, fabrics, and accessories of every season.  Her designs are based on a creative concept, mixing various crystal, stones, pearls, metals and other unique beads to produce a unique piece of wearable art.  She was thrilled with the popularity of her newest trending jewelry “Ware Cuffs” which are hand stamped metal cuffs with special phrases.  They can be custom ordered with names, dates etc. and come in various metals.  Customers can’t get enough of them...the more you stack, the better they look!   Long necklaces are all the rage right now and Karin loves to stay on top of the latest trends. The long, leather tassel necklaces incorporate crystals & druzy stones for a perfect look along with her long chain & stone necklaces.   Meet the enthusiasm that Karin displays here and at the Saline shows.