Meyer106 bioKay Meyer - Tipton, MI

As a veteran crafter, KAY MEYER brings over 45 years of china painting to our show. She says, “it was something I always wanted to do” and when her daughters were in school, she took lessons and began teaching painting in her home and through adult education in the local schools. Kay truly enjoys this medium as it allows her to vary her material from glass, porcelain dolls to china—plus she varies her subject matter from scenery, animals, and birds to modern abstract and Victorian. Kay relates that a special customer came to a show and she sold her a piece of china. The customer shared this with her personal friends, who related that “this was not hand done.” This customer insisted and brought these individuals to the next show to Kay’s booth to prove that she definitely does her own work. Kay states, “no pieces are alike, as color varies as it is applied and no two strokes every come out the same.” Kay enjoys painting at shows and displaying her abilities in this manner.  Customers see the "progress" and how the designs are developed.  In recent years, she has traveled to teach seminars and workshops and has returned from Germany where she also visited porcelain factories and painted for four days in two of these factories.  Kay’s color combinations and unique style make her work special, and you can see her at either show.