Starting to craft at the age of 10 making pot holders, KIM ARDEN advanced to sculpting “art dolls” in her adult life.  These dolls were her first experience in the craft show world.  While visiting a sewing convention, Kim came across a woman making buttons from the same type of clay she used for her dolls, ONLY IN BRIGHT COLORS!!  Kim befriended her and learned to make a simple five petal flower cane plus bought several starter kits.  She taught herself the rest by making jewelry and says “I haven’t stopped yet!”  Kim truly enjoys her customers and making a connection at shows.  Years ago, a beautiful blind woman came to her booth to find some earrings. “I immediately thrust a pair of my hand sculpted bell flower earrings into her hands and gently guided her fingers over the petals, mimicking the strokes that I had made while creating them,” Kim explains.  Kim also shared the exact color and other details, and the woman bought them.  Each year this customer returned to that show and was wearing the earrings.  Kim continues, “she would call me and ask me to describe my current project to her.  She said that my words helped her to ‘see again.’”  Kim continues to make a difference in the world not only with her jewelry but the creativity required to create the colorful unique one-of-a-kind pieces she creates.  From earrings, pendants, and medallions, her work grabs your heart as they are truly the only one in the world.  She loves the Saline community and visiting annually to display her newest designs.