Nancy Gertig -OSSEO, MI

The first art class NANCY GERTG ever took was in clay. She was seven years old and has loved clay ever since. “I love the feel of it. I love the smell of it. I love to be able to make it into all kinds of forms. It still amazes me that I can take a lump of brown clay and turn it into a usable piece of pottery that someone will eat or drink from, or bake in and feel joy each time they pick it up,” Nancy relates.

Receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a teaching certificate from the University of Michigan in 1969, Nancy has attended pottery classes and workshops in California, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Texas. She taught art in the public schools and privately for many years.  Her husband, John spent most of his working life in the aircraft industry as a manufacturing engineer and pilot. Soon after John and Nancy were married, they were able to buy out a production pottery and set up their own studio. They spent 12 years in Texas and began their full-time pottery business there, plus started selling their pottery at a small home town art and craft show in 1989. They loved the personal interaction with their customers and immediately moved on to bigger and better shows. John left the aircraft industry in the summer of 1994. They made the decision to go full-time with their pottery business and They've never regretted it.

In 1997 they relocated their business to Michigan to be closer to Nancy's parents. They have a home, gallery and studio situated on 5 acres in Osseo, Michigan, a small farming community located in a lovely area with many small lakes and abundant wildlife about 6 miles east of Hillsdale. They sell their pottery exclusively at fine arts and crafts shows in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Texas, through their gallery, and through mail order.

Making and selling pottery is hard work, tiring and challenging. There are the frustrations of pots that crack during the firing or drying process, kilns misfiring with pots ruined, and setting up or taking down displays in storms. Sometimes after the long hours of the holidays, they talk of going back to regular jobs. But soon the thrill of designing, creating new pieces and seeing their customers takes over and they're back in the rhythm of making pottery again.

"We'd like to thank all of you who have bought our pottery over the years. If you are near our area please stop by our studio and gallery. If we are at a show near you please come see us. Our studio and gallery is open when we are at home". Please call in advance to make sure they are available, (517) 523-2229 or you can e-mail at: