Urban R_0148Renee Urban - Comstock, MI

“I LOVE MY JOB,” says RENEE URBAN who started doing crafts when she desired to be a “stay-at-home mom” with her three children. Having started doing shows in 1994, Renee had a strong need to be creative and a passion to work with color, shapes and design. “ I dream about what to create and design it in my head, and then put my heart and mind into every creative step,” says Renee. Her children are all college graduates now but Renee continues to create. Having started in other medias, Renee is now doing stained glass. Her unique snowflakes originate from a variety of clear, textured iridized and beveled glass. Renee will have all of these custom pieces to softly reflect rainbow colors while the beveled diamonds add winter sparkle when we begin the new fall season here in Saline. Her customers will find that they each uniquely provide a unique home décor in that special location in their home or as a gift.