From Your Principal:

Hello Heritage Community, 

My name is Megan DeGrand and after 14 years of teaching in the district, I was thrilled to join Heritage as the Dean of Students in 2019, and now as Principal as of August  2020.  

My three boys are SAS Hornets and being a part of the Saline school district brings my family and I great pride.  

Public education has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.  I received a Bachelor's Degree in K-5 Elementary Education (6-8 Language Arts)
and a Masters Degree in K12 Leadership and Administration from Michigan State University.  The blue and gold I wear is not to be confused with maize and blue... Go GREEN!

Heritage is a wonderful school where our three lower elementary schools SWARM together to become one graduating class in 4th grade.  Following 5th grade, our students transition to Saline Middle School.  The social-emotional health of our students is my top priority and when we support kids at the heart first, academics can more easily be supported while growing minds flourish.  

Heritage students will always be able to count on a smile,  warm greeting and listening ear from me.  Our students are the pulse of the building and spending time reading with them, observing in their classrooms and talking at lunch and during transition times is where it's at!  I'm extremely grateful to spend my days learning alongside them for two short, but sweet, years.  


Megan DeGrand