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Learning a skill and using that skill to give back to the community is what the Alternative High School students have done this year with the "Baby Cap Project." Under the skillful tutelage of Mrs. Joan Kelley from the Saline Senior Center, the students learned to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, and use their creative genius to craft over 150 hats.

These tiny caps are donated to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and the University of Michigan Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 

Student Spotlight

Megan is a four-year Alternative High School student. She has nearly completed all requirements. Megan works the sidelines of every football game as an apprentice photographer. Her passion is photography and she plans to pursue post-secondary instruction in that field.  Megan is pictured here with SAHS staff member, Mr. Brad Woehlke. We are proud of Megan's many accomplishments during high school and wish her well as she heads off to college. 

Staff Contacts

Bradley Woehlke, Lead Teacher
(734) 401-4044

Tracy Lamb, Instructor
(734) 401-4041

Catherine Redies, Teacher
(734) 401-4042

Duane Wilson, Instructor
(734) 401-4043

Angela Ramsey, School Social Worker
(734) 401-4708

Mark Schuby, School Social Worker
(734) 401-4259


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Mission Statement

The staff of Saline Alternative High School will guide all students in the development of an educational plan consistent with each student's individual talents, interests, and aspirations.

We will provide a comprehensive education and counseling program that will prepare our students for whatever endeavors they pursue beyond high school.

We pledge to provide all students with the knowledge, skills and technological literacy necessary to become informed, productive citizens in the communities where they will live and work. Our ultimate goal is for our students to become life-long learners.