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The Saline Community Television Network (SCTN) is Saline's local cable access station. We air on Channel 18 on Comcast, and broadcast our videos on our Vimeo page, located under the SCTN tab above. The station covers everything we can for the city, from City Council meetings to local events to high school sports. Located inside Saline High School, we also serve as a teaching aid for Saline High students, and as a resource for Saline Community Education. We're proud of our city, and want to do all we can to represent the city of Saline to the best of our abilities. The station is always willing to post new bulletins for local organizations and non-profits, and to tape as many community events as possible. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for watching!

Get Your Message on TV

If you would like to post a bulletin on Channel 18 please email Chase Stanton 

Have an Event Taped

If you are interested in having your community event taped and aired on Channel 18 please contact Chase Stanton and include all the information listed below:

  1. Name of the Event.
  2. Date/Time/Location.
  3. Name of the main contact & contact's phone number.
  4. A brief description of the event and how you would like it covered.