SCTN produces a variety of content each year, from covering live events to creating short PSAs. This is a short list of the series we produce on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions for content you think we should create, please contact us on our main page.

SCTN Programs

Bulletin - This is our city bulletin board. SCTN posts originally created bulletin boards about upcoming events in the community, as well as information about the station and Saline Schools. We cater to the community, and if a citizen, non-profit, or community group would like to have a bulletin posted we will create one as soon as possible, after review. In addition to our originally created content, the station also broadcasts local weather, sports, news, stocks and popular culture bulletins. 

City Council - We record every city council meeting & some city work meetings to air throughout the week.  City Council meetings take up the largest portion of time for any single program we air on the station, so that Saline citizens have numerous chances to see the decisions and policies that are shaping their city.  They can also be viewed at

Community - These are open time slots given to any number of events that occur in our city. From concerts to graduation, chamber events to parades, festivals to locally produced content, if it happens in the community and we have the chance to capture it, you’ll see it in one of these time slots. We try to devote as much time as possible to this content. If you know of a community event coming up that you would like to have taped, please contact us through the links provided on our website and we will do our best to be there.  All community videos are also uploaded to our vimeo page.

HSHV - We compile a monthly list of the adoptable animals available at Humane Society of Huron Valley. Adoptable animals change on a daily basis though, so if you see a furry friend you'd like to adopt, be sure to check their availability online.

Saline News - This is our bi-weekly news recap, where we find some of the most compelling stories we can from our community and then present them to you in an easy to digest format. We always thank The Saline Post, The Saline Eagle, The Saline Sun Times, and Mlive for providing the great coverage we use as the basis for our show.

Saline Speaks - Produced in our studio or on location, Saline Speaks offers up interviews with the movers and shakers in our community.  These interviews are designed to be a get-to-know-you for anyone watching.  We encourage viewers to e-mail the station with suggestions for individuals to interview.  

SHS Today - Produced by Saline High Students, this weekly news program has SHS Today students working as anchors, directors, field correspondents, camera operators and a slew of other positions to get the scoop on whats happening at Saline High.  Run by Video Production teacher Nate Bush, students learn how to plan, produce and deliver a news program, gaining real world experience in video production and news gathering.  Visit their vimeo website at to watch previous episodes.

Sports:  Saline High is proud of their amazing sports program, and SCTN and the Saline High video students work to capture as many sporting events as we can. Our videos range from full games to highlight videos to interviews with coaches and staff. All Saline Sports videos are available on our Vimeo page.

WCBC - The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners meetings are recorded by the county, and provided to SCTN for air in Saline. Comprised of representatives from each district of Washtenaw County, the board works to improve our county and manage its resources. For more information visit

What's New Saline? - Our bi-weekly event show, What's New Saline is designed to help you find out about fun and exciting events happening in our city. We cover between 6-10 events coming up in the next few weeks, with links to each event provided. Each show ends with a segment highlighting some of our projects we think you should check out.