Family & Consumer Science

626 Health Education: 1 Trimester
Prerequisite: None.  
Required for Graduation Students will gain a greater understanding of the importance of their behavior and choices in relation to their health. This course will explore health from an experiential basis, allowing students to participate in several health-related assessments, 
e.g. blood pressure, heart rate response, fitness testing, etc. Topics covered will include: neurobiology (the how and why we learn); nutrition; physical activity; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD); safety: sexual health; social, emotional, mental health; and, personal health and wellness. The driving focus of the class will be to turn the responsibility of a student’s health over to the student. *Parents may opt their student out of the sexuality unit. Please see your health teacher’s syllabus regarding the opt-out notification process.

834 Parenting: 2 Trimesters
Prerequisite: Grades 10-12.  
This course examines personal readiness to become a parent and the issues important to raising healthy children with positive parent-child relationships. Through practical experiences, including a lab at Pooh Corner, and experience with a computerized infant, students will develop the necessary knowledge to encourage children's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

836 Interior Architecture: 2 Trimesters
Prerequisite: Grade 10-12.  
Interior Design is offered to 10th to 12th grade students who are interested in all aspects of design, decoration, remodeling, and repair of the home.  This is a hands-on class exploring the elements & principles of design, housing styles, the history of design as well as design techniques.  Students will compile a professional portfolio containing samples of their work and projects throughout the course.  Students will be graded on individual performance and participation, individual responsibilities within a group, and on group assignments.  This course allows the student to explore their creativity with practical applications and class design projects.

846 Family & Personal Living: 1 Trimester
Prerequisite: Grades 10-12.  
This exciting course is designed to aid young adults in life survival skills, focusing on the creation of strong, healthy families, identifying values and setting goals, as well as developing personal responsibility.  Included in the course are topics such as personality development, communication skills, characteristics of love, dealing with family crisis and the needs of the elderly.  This discussion-based course provides the student with skills for developing healthy relationships in various settings, including friendships, dating, marriage, family, as well as professional.  This class is a must for those who wish to enhance communication and relationship skills in both their personal and professional lives.

850 Practical Nutrition: 1 Trimester
Prerequisite: Grades 10-12.  
As young adults, high school students are forming eating habits that will follow them through their lifetimes, and the formation of healthy eating habits is a learned behavior.  This class will help students become educated about nutrition and will help them to make healthy food choices in their everyday lives.  Students will explore nutrition facts and apply their knowledge through hands-on, interactive lessons.  Through the material learned, students will be able to analyze their own diets and make recommendations for change towards a healthier lifestyle.  Course topics and activities will include but are not limited to:  the current food guide pyramid, essential nutrients, weight management, media's role in eating behaviors, dangerous eating habits, and healthy cooking.

855 Fashion Design: 1 Trimester
Prerequisite:  Grades 10-12.  
This course introduces the world of fashion and sewing basics.  This is a student-driven course where students will learn techniques in fashion drawing, the elements and principles of fashion design, as well as sewing machine basics.  The information presented provides practical knowledge to identify clothing characteristics and how to build a wardrobe.  Students will learn about personal style and dressing for their body shape utilizing the elements and principles of design.  Students will be able to create a sewing project of their choice utilizing the skills learned in class. 

860 Consumer Economics: 1 Trimester
Prerequisite: Grades 10-12.  
Students will learn budgeting, financial planning, and decision-making with regards to money. We will follow the MEFE program for financial smarts for students. Other topics include buying a car, leasing an apartment, saving money, use of credit cards, and purchasing big ticket items such as TVs, computers, etc.

865 Senior Strategies: 1 Trimester
Prerequisite: Grade 12.  
Statistics show many students who enter college as freshmen never complete their schooling. Senior Strategies will address the needs of students to achieve success.  This student centered course includes units on time management, organization and study skills, and culminating with students compiling and identifying documents of important files that they will need access to in the future.  Technology and internet lessons are used to explore careers, find a place to live, and explore roommate issues.  Topics also include budgeting, credit use, reaching financial goals, and making major purchases. Food labs concentrate on quick, nutritious foods for college life so as to turn the responsibility of a student’s health over to the student.