Each class will have a class meeting where course selection materials will be distributed (see schedule below).  Students are to review the materials with their parents and enter their class choices into PowerSchool before the open enrollment window closes.

Course Selection

Students will receive their assigned appointment times at their respective class meetings.  Appointments will be noted on the top of each student's form, and this sheet serves as the student's pass for the appointment.  During the appointment, counselors will go over selected courses with each student. Please remember that all applications for classes that require an application are due at the time of your appointment. 

2019-20120 Course Guidebook

AP US History

NOTE:  It is very important that students attend their assigned appointments.  


Junior Class of 2020 - Senior Year Course Selection

Class meeting to distribute scheduling materials - Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Information / Instructions on entering classes in PowerSchool

PowerSchool will be open for you to enter your class choices between Wednesday, January 9 and Sunday, January 13.  After Sunday, January 13, it will close and you will not be able to enter your choices.

Sophomore Class of 2021 - Junior Year Course Selection

Class meeting to distribute scheduling materials - Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Freshman Class of 2022 - Sophomore Year Course Selection

Class meeting to distribute scheduling materials - Wednesday, February 21, 2019

Eighth Grade Class of 2023 - Freshman Year Course Selection

Class meeting at Middle School to distribute materials – Friday, February 22, 2019

Schedule Change Policy


The high school administration encourages parents, counselors, and classroom teachers to become active participants in course selections. We feel all these groups should provide the student with information so that he/she will make an informed decision. It is important to state to the parents of our students that the course selections by our students determine much of our teacher assignments and budget decisions each year. It is for these reasons we wish to stress to our students and their parents the necessity to consider all selections final once the schedule is set in late May.

Per the High School Schedule Change Policy, counselors cannot make schedule changes for the following reasons:
• Student has already been granted one schedule change
• Class size decreases below the district minimum standard
 • Student wishes to move into a section of the same course that is larger in size than the one they are leaving
 • Schedule Change Request Form is not signed (or confirmed) by parent and student
 • Request is made after the first week of the trimester

A student will only be allowed ONE (1) schedule change per year and the request form must be signed by a parent. 

CLICK HERE for Schedule Change Request Form



PDF DocumentPlease click here for more information on Dual Enrollment.




The National Honor Society (NHS) provides a tutoring program for any high school student who is struggling academically.  Tutoring will be primarily run by Junior and Senior students from NHS with the help of a High School administrator.  The purpose of this tutoring is to give students who are struggling the opportunity to get focused help from role model students. Please contact Mr. Bill Elliott, advisor for NHS, at or (734) 401-4251 to make arrangements.

SAS Tutoring phone list

Saline Area Schools maintains a phone list of teachers, students, and others who are available to provide various tutoring services, usually for a fee.  Please click here for the SAS Tutoring List.