Business Technology

Middle School Business Management and Technology guides students through the process of learning about the world of business and how to properly use computer applications. Throughout the course, students will develop and enhance skills needed to utilize both personal and school computers for various projects. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint and the Internet are examples of common programs. Other specialized programs are introduced to give students a glimpse of unique work that can be accomplished with this experience. Examples would include: iMac applications, online applications, programming products, Google products and the use of digital cameras. In addition, students will be introduced to business courses and concepts that are offered at the high school. These topics include: Web Design, Personal Finance, Marketing, International Business and Accounting. Students are encouraged to become curious, knowledge-seeking, self-taught learners in order to keep up with advancing technologies, get the maximum benefits from computer use, and enhance their understanding of business. Proper keyboarding skills are reinforced on a regular basis.