2018-2019 Saline Middle School Students of the Month!

The Saline Middle School is proud of the Student of the Month program!   In an effort to recognize and encourage the many positive accomplishments of our Middle School students, all staff members, including custodial, clerical, teaching, administrative and para-professional are encouraged to nominate students who they feel should be recognized for their efforts.   Students are nominated in one of four basic categories:  Academic Achievement, Environmentally Conscious, Personal Accomplishment, and Social Service.  These categories were created to embrace all of our Middle School students, and not just one particular type of achiever.

Congratulations to our Student of month winners


Month Student Grade
September Liam Russel  8th             
  Sophia Parisek  8th          
  Jalivia Trammer  8th          
  Jason Harbach  8th        
October Connor Cooley  7th
  Kiona Drummer  7th
  Drew Miller  7th
  Nya Stetson  7th
  Klayton Weiner  8th
  Lea Alderink  8th
  Cullen Ellis  8th
  Jesus Cardoso  8th
November Audrey DeWulf  6th
  Kiern Sankaran  6th
  Maya Olsen  6th
  Sienna Trier  6th
  Sam Sakel  6th
  Max Osness  6th
  Malik Eismann  7th
  Emma Arico  7th
  Isaiah Gifford  7th
  Connor Mitzel  7th
December Hyacinth Held  7th
  Hadley Griffin  7th
  Neil Sachdeva  7th
  Rex Shreck  7th
  Ella Hopsen  8th
  Caroline Pangilinan  8th
  Ethan Boulter  8th
  Emma Stafne  8th
  Cami Casdey  8th
January Grace Roth  6th
  Kate McGovern  6th
  Michael Gasparovic  6th
  Taylor Parrish  6th
  Charlie Van Haaften  6th
  Ethan Nava Salazar  6th
  Mackenzie Beckington  7th
  Elaina Alig  7th
  Sangyeon Kang  7th
  Jayden Lilley  7th
  Jordan Wright  8th
  Marco Morrison  8th