7th and 8th grade Art

Would you like to learn how to throw clay on the wheel to make a pot, and practice hand building techniques to make a clay project? How about building a 3 dimensional “Picasso” sculpture out of mixed materials such as cardboard and plaster, creating an “Alexander Calder” inspired wire sculpture or create a paper mache dragon?  In 7th and 8th grade Art, students will be inspired to create art using a variety of materials and media, while gaining an understanding of the techniques and the role of art in different cultures.  In Art, students will also learn how to draw the human figure in proportion, develop painting techniques using tempera and watercolor paint, and apply perspective drawing techniques. Other media explored throughout the year will be oil pastel, printmaking, collage, and assemblage using found object and wood pieces to form an abstract sculpture. Students will create art based on ideas and themes that connect humans across time and place, and interpret the ideas of artists and express their own ideas through art.  The importance of thinking, planning, and reflection will be emphasized in the creative process. More importantly, students will experience the “joy” of creating art. Also, 8th grade students that had art in the 7th grade will be using similar materials except will progress to the next level while concepts and techniques will be reinforced from the prior year.

6th grade Art

Students will explore a variety of media such as drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, printmaking, mixed media and sculpture while gaining an understanding of how art connects humans across time and place. Students will learn that art is a “language” where they will examine works of art throughout history and borrow techniques and strategies from various artists to communicate and create their own unique works of art. Students will increase their ability to observe, describe, analyze, interpret, and make critical judgments about the form and content of art, while experiencing the “joy” of creating art.  Students will create clay gargoyles, learn how to create the illusion of space using perspective, practice color mixing with paint and oil pastels to create beautiful landscapes, learn how to create linoleum blocks prints, and build sculptures from mixed media.

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