French, Spanish and German classes

The World Language Department is happy to offer the opportunity to middle school students to earn high school credit in French, German, and Spanish.  Students may earn one high school credit by successfully completing a 7thand 8th grade world language class.

All the world language classes introduce students to the four major skills in their respective language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

French - Take French and learn the world’s second most popular international language!  During the first three weeks, you will concentrate on conversation skills. You receive a French name and learn to count, greet friends, tell time and learn how to order food and beverages in a French cafe. This course continues with a grammatical approach to the language through the use of games, projects, skits, and both individual and partner activities. You will have vocabulary and verb study, oral drills, practice in sentence structure, translation, and short cultural readings.   There will be cultural activities like tasting French Food.  Your teacher will also speak French in class.
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German - When you begin in German class, you will first receive German names, learn basic skills such as greeting friends, and learn to count and spell in German. You will learn basic vocabulary, elementary grammar and sentence structure.  In German class you will get to participate in various practice drills, songs, games and short sketches. You will also be able to take part in various activities in the German exchange program.
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Spanish - This elective course begins with conversation work in which students receive new names in Spanish and learn such things as how to greet friends, how to count and how to tell time. Other class work involves vocabulary study, oral drills, grammar and sentence structure exercises, translation, and short cultural readings. Spanish songs and games are also used to improve pronunciation and to build vocabulary.
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