Guidance and Counseling Department

Summer 2019 - Online Course Options - Edgenuity

Saline Area Schools offers online course work during the summer to provide students with classes that are rigorous, engaging and meet the exacting standards for high school credit. Students in grades 7-12 may enroll in one or two Edgenuity/Michigan virtual courses during the summer session. Please open the attachement for all the information, guidelines and enrolling information - Online Summer courses


Counseling is available for all students in the areas of personal problems, academic achievement, course selection and scheduling, testing, and career education. The counselors are available to see all students.

Students can arrange appointments with a counselor by signing up for a time in the office.

The counselors are also available to speak or meet with parents throughout the school year.  Contact information for the counselors are:

Tara Chambers, Saline Middle School Counselor, 734-401-4626    Ms. Chambers will work with all 8th grade students as well as the following 6th grade classes: Schwartzenberger, Foster, Peet, Williams, Streiter and Collins

Matt Stimac, Saline Middle School Counselor, 734-401-4627.    Mr. Stimac will work with all 7th grade students as well as the following 6th grade classes: Huang, Harrison, Girbach, Cicero, Palka, Walsh and Brunty

The MS counseling program will maximize development of students in the following areas:

  • Group guidance within the classroom
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Academic scheduling and orientation
  • Academic guidance
  • Peer mediation and conflict management
  • Parental concerns

Goals & Objectives of the Saline Middle School Guidance & Counseling Department:

  • To assist students in developing self understanding, information seeking,
    and decision-making skills
  • To provide students with a supportive learning environment

NUMATS/Midwest Academic Talent Search

Sponsored by Northwestern University. This program is open to all students who have scored in the 95th percentile or above on standardized tests. Parents complete nomination forms that allow the students to take the SAT or ACT along with high school students throughout the year. Test scores allow students to participate in many summer programs for high achieving students as well as providing planning and other information important for highly able students.  In order to register you will need the School Id Number for Saline Middle School which is #8200691.