Computer Integrated Manufacturing

This program offers training in multiple methods of manufacturing. 

Students will learn how to produce products using manual mills and lathes, computer numerical control (CNC) mill and lathe machines, as well as rapid prototyping on a 3D printer.  Students will learn to use problem solving skills to create models using AutoDesk (AutoCAD and Inventor) software, create toolpath programs/code using MasterCAM software, and master machining skills as they relate to manual machining, CNC machining, and 3D printing.  The course will also stress the importance of shop safety, the design process in regards to engineering, blueprint reading, and measurement with precision tools. 

  • Enrolled students will have the opportunity to compete at SkillsUSA and MITES competitions 

  • Articulation agreements exist so that students can earn college credits at certain universities 

  • Students completing the course may find entry level employment in the fields of machining/programming and engineering technology

Contact Us

If you have questions please e-mail: Steve Vasiloff or visit Mr. Vasiloff's Website