Advanced photography


This class will cover all aspects of the photographic world, from traditional black and white fine art prints to digital masterpieces.  Students will have the opportunity to express their creative abilities and explore the world of still images. 

It is designed for students to discover a new outlet for personal expression.  Students will learn how to use 35mm medium format and large format cameras, the chemistry and process of developing this film, as well as the artistic design to create a polished piece of artwork.  Most of this equipment has historical value and is rarely used today. 

We will investigate alternative processes that can create unique final prints.  Students will use a Mac computer lab fully equipped with the Adobe Create Suite in order to edit, manipulate, and enhance digital photographs.  This is a product used by photographers around the world.  Using this technology in digital photography, students will create work that imitates what can be found in professional portfolios. 

Students will learn the historical aspects of photography as well as understand the photography industry.  It is important that students understand the history of art, but also have a vision of the future of the photography world.  

  • Articulation exists so that students can earn college credit with Washtenaw Community College

  • Prerequisite: Beginning Photography, Grades 11-12

  • Full Year Class offered in the Afternoon (PM)

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