Marketing I


Learn Skills in Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship

MARKETING I (Store Operations “The Edge”)

This class is open to students interested in marketing, management or entrepreneurship. In this class, students will learn vital skills necessary to be successful in any career they choose. The class focuses on marketing concepts, salesmanship, interviewing, merchandising, management, retailing, promotion and much, much more. Students in this class will completely manage the school store, called “The Edge”, which includes ordering, pricing, displaying and promoting products, as well as conducting market surveys.

Each student will be given the opportunity to manage the store as a cashier or salesperson. The students will also be a part of the international association of marketing students, called DECA. Participants may compete in areas related to marketing, management and entrepreneurship at the district, state and/or international levels. Students may also participate in the development of social intelligence, leadership and community service.

  • Prerequisite: Grades 11th-12th
  • This class is a full year offered in the morning (AM).
  • Articulation is available with Washtenaw Community College.
  • You can take Marketing II the following year.

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