Crosswalk Information

For students who walk to school this year, we have a new, additional crosswalk that will allow for safe crossing of Woodland Dr.  The designated crosswalks to be used by school children (during school hours) will be:

Ann Arbor/Woodland traffic light
Wildwood/Woodland crosswalk
New Woodland/West of Sycamore Run crosswalk.

These crosswalks will have School Crossing Guards to assist students crossing the intersection. The “old” central crosswalk near the entrance to Heritage/Woodland Meadows Schools, is not to be used by school children during school hours. The exception would be if the child were escorted by an adult (ie: parent/legal guardian).

Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures/Reminders

Helpful information on the Pick up/Drop Off use

Woodland Meadows Elementary School Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up

In an effort to keep all of the children safe at Woodland Meadows Elementary School we ask that you follow these simple rules when dropping off or picking your child up from school.  Please remember to use the Parent Car Loop and Parent Parking Lot by entering on Weber-Blaess.

Morning Drop-Off

Do not park anywhere in the drop-off loop or anywhere in the drive leading into the loop. If you need to enter the building please park in the lot adjacent to the drop-off loop and come into the building.

The morning drop-off is a seven-second drop-off. Do not wait to watch your child enter the building.Traffic will begin to back up into the parking areas. As always, you may choose to park in either lot and walk your child to the front door. If you park in the west lot, please do not walk between school buses, it is not safe, as our drivers cannot see you passing there.

Children MUST exit the car on the passenger side of the car while in the drop-off loop. If your child needs to exit the car on the driver’s side, please park your car in a designated parking place, allow your child to exit the vehicle and walk him/her to the sidewalk. Children may then proceed to the entrance on their own.

Afternoon Pick-Up

Do not leave your car unattended at anytime in the pick-up loop or the drive into and out of the school!


Students may not walk into the pick-up loop to enter a vehicle. They may only enter the vehicle at the curb and enter on the passenger side of the car.

When parking in either parking lot please walk to the sidewalk and meet your child there. Students may notwalk into a parking lot unattended at anytime!


We thank you for your cooperation and helping to ensure the safety of all of our children.