APPLICATION InformationWelcome to Saline

Applications are available but require a pre-jurying process. Prior to submitting your application, please send pictures of your product line along with your address, phone number, email address and SASE to:

Hoeft Promotions LLC
PO Box 37
Saline, MI 48176

If you'd like to email your photos please send them to

Applications will be returned if approved.

Application Due Dates:

Spring Show:  March 16, 2024
Applications must be postmarked by 1.15.24

November Show:  Nov 9, 2024
Applications must be postmarked by 2.1.24

After these due dates, applications submitted will be considered Wait List.

Important Crafter Information:

Saline Craft Show dates for any given year:

Spring - Saturday in March dependent on Saline Area Schools Easter/Spring Break  (Started in 2003)        
Due date for apps 1.15

November - 2nd Saturday in November (Started in 1987)     
Due date for apps 2.1

Dates Subject to Change due to SAS District Calendar

Applications are available by November 15 of the preceding year.  They are distributed to crafters participating in the shows, by mail or emailed.  Given the above dates, they must be returned and postmarked by the date above.  Late applications will be considered if a given category has openings.

New Crafters

In order to receive applications, the jurying committee requires a pre-jurying of pictures before a new crafter's name is added to the mailing list and applications distributed.  This can be done at any time as it takes 3-5 days to complete the process.  Pictures can be submitted online or to our mailing address (see above).  No specifics are included when submitting these pictures—merely “sell your product line”.


Jurying for a Saline Craft Show is done after the application due date for every show.  Every crafter (including those who have participated in previous years) is required to reapply and be re-juried.  Each crafter is encouraged to improve their product line regularly and submit updated pictures.  Each show's applications are then juried, and selections are made to provide a quality diversified show that lures a customer base.  The jurying committee emphasizes that the pictures are the sole basis of decision-making.  In addition, each crafter who has previously participated in a show is observed at that show and their product line is evaluated in person.  Previous participation or other factors cannot be used as a basis to conclude that a crafter is automatically in a show.  Saline Craft Shows always receive more than sufficient applications to fill a show.

The Saline Craft Show jurying process is complete and detailed and includes a review of the pictures submitted and evaluation made in previous participation, if any, in a show.  Anonymously the jury committee is present during the entire show and makes their evaluation of the crafter’s professionalism, booth set-up, and product line.  By categories then, each set of show applications are reviewed and selection is made based on variety, diversity, quality, and uniqueness as well as booth setup and presentation.  Professionalism in the booth, customer service, and crafter repertoire are also considered if there was previous participation.  Jurying takes approximately 40 hours of review for each show by over twenty volunteers who serve as a team.  The jurying committee varies from show to show but includes experts in the art/craft world, community and school personnel, and customers who have regularly visited the shows.  Acceptance and rejection letters are then sent to all applicants within 30 days of the application's due date.

However, a waitlist is also maintained for each show, and applications are accepted for consideration if a cancellation occurs.  

Effective 4.1.12

  • Applications for Saline Craft Shows will not be available online. 
  • Contact must be made with Saline Craft Shows before applications will be released.
  • Applications can not be submitted online and must be sent in the mail with appropriate fees.