Prerequisite: Grades 11-12 

This course is open to any student interested in metalworking and the world of fabrication. Students will be introduced to the use and application of basic hand tools & power tools as well as modern fabrication equipment while constructing projects made from metal. During the first trimester, students will rotate through various different welding processes to gain understanding and experience with all available equipment. Knowledge in the joining processes of GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and OAW will be developed. During the second trimester, students will have the opportunity to choose which welding process they would like to work with each day. This allows students to focus on the processes that interest them the most and gives them the freedom to practice for competitions. Students who are interested in competing, will get a chance to prove that they have what it takes to represent the SWWC at various competitions in and out of state. Prizes include scholarship opportunities, welding supplies, welding machines and more. During the third trimester, students will have the opportunity to construct a project of their own design. They will learn how to create a materials list, welding blueprint and operations sheet. After the design process, students will buy their own metal and assemble their project in class. A detailed PowerPoint presentation will be required after each project is finished.

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