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Clubs and Activities

 Saline High School Clubs

Saline High School Club - (PRESENTATION)

  • The application window for new clubs has closed for the 2023-24 school year.

  • New applications can be submitted in August 2024.

   Heritage Clubs

Student Leadership - Allison Peet

STAR Program - Barry Burnette & Brooke Gilb

Safety Patrol - Michael Ericksen

Video Announcement Club - Julie Myers

Recycling Club - TBD

Science Fair - Erin Etienne & Natalie Anderson

Grades K-3

   Harvest Clubs

Safety Patrol - Katie Knoedler

Video Announcement Club - Melissa Reeves

Student Leadership - Melissa Reeves

Star Program - TBD

Recycling Club - Katie Stacey

Science Fair - Mike Sherman

   Pleasant Ridge Clubs

Safety Patrol - Elizabeth Schoeff

Video Announcement Club - TBD

Student Leadership - Trina Bell

Star Program - TBD

Recycling Club - TBD

Science Fair - Dean Garbarz

   Woodland Meadows Clubs

Safety Patrol - Erin Grunas & Matt Pelletier

Video Announcement Club - Riley Reynolds & Shannon Sweet

Student Leadership - Matt Pelletier & Emily Petrous

Recycling Club -  TBD

Science Fair - Nick Ball