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Upcoming community interest events

additional event information

Community Education Events can be found on the Saline Community Education Website.

School-sponsored athletic events can be found on the Saline Athletics Website. Seniors aged 65+ are welcome to attend home in-season MHSAA sponsored athletic events with valid photo identification. Admission fees will be assessed for club sports, and district-level play. 

The goal of Saline Area Schools' social media is to share important information about the district with our public and engage in an open and respectful dialogue. To help us accomplish this goal, we ask that you abide by the guidelines set forth here: 

Saline Area Schools (SAS) respect a person's right to provide views and differing opinions on the topic(S) or information SAS is posting for a response. However, SAS has a responsibility to its employees, staff, students, and community to remove information posted on its social media outlets that contain profane, threatening, or defamatory statements, promote illegal drugs, attack racial, gender, ethnic, or religious groups, or will result in material and substantial interference with school activities. We ask that users respond responsibly and respectfully to all posts. Posts and comments in violation of this policy will be deleted. Repeated violations may result in a user being blocked from a particular social media platform.

SAS requires all student clubs and organizations, student groups, classrooms, parent groups, booster clubs, and athletic programs to complete this form 1 month prior to the scheduled fundraiser. Submitted details will be available to administration for review and assistance. Objective: to provide assurance to the greater SAS community that fundraisers have been vetted and are legitimate.

For fundraising guidelines, please use this link and refer to SAS Board Policy 3800 (activity account fund), 5830 (general), 6605 (crowdfunding), 9211, and 9700 (advertising/commercial activities): 

For SAS Finance Dept. student activity account management, click here


Saline Live is available to the Saline Area Schools Community for recording, post-production, and distribution of recording services. This organization exists in collaboration with the Saline Community Television Network (SCTN), which is Saline’s local cable access station. We air on Channel 18 on Comcast and broadcast our videos on our YouTube page.

Click the link below, complete the form, and submit the request. You will be notified if the event can be taped and information will be provided on how a video link to the event can be purchased.

Saline Video Requests


The purpose of the Saline Bridge to Civilityis to build relationships across multiple dimensions of diversity through civil conversations and discussions that enable the exchange of ideas.


Civility is defined as caring for one’s identity, needs and beliefs without degrading someone else’s in the process (Institute for Civility in Government).  The greater Saline (MI) community and the Saline Area Schools recognize the value of civil discussion.  Residents are encouraged to democratically participate in all community matters even when it may be uncomfortable.  We live together and create together.  To civilly compromise is to admirable evolve as a community.

guidelines for engagement

  • Deep listening to understand
  • Presence - mental and emotional
  • Authentic sharing
  • Commitment to learning 

This form is for Saline community members to request SAS student volunteers. Please fill out the information to the best of your ability so we can work with you to match students. 

Please complete the form at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. 

If you have questions, please contact Laurie Dawson, SAS Secondary Activities Coordinator at dawsonl@salineschools.org 

We take great pride in our partnership between Saline Area Schools and the Community, and look forward to working with you. 


    SAS Compass Travels

    Compass Travels

    Looking for saline apparel? 

    Shop at The Edge! The Edge is the Saline High School store run by students in the marketing class. It’s easiest to shop online at Saline Edge Online and schedule your order for delivery or pick-up (they will deliver curbside at the High School). When school is in session, the store is accessible for shopping in-person Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Please check in at the main doors at the Saline High School, and bring a photo ID for our security screening processes.