General Information

CARES LogoThe purpose of the CARES Recreation Millage is to provide funding for recreation programs and facilities that enhance the life of residents within the Saline Area School District community.

In November 2017, voters passed the CARES Recreation Millage for 0.5 mills for 10 years. The millage will provide annual funding for five specific programs and also create a Discretionary Fund which may be allocated annually through a grant process to meet additional recreation needs.


The five specific programs funded annually through CARES are:

  • Saline Area Senior Citizen Center
  • Saline Area School Pool
  • Saline Area School Theater Management
  • Saline Community Education Recreation and Enrichment Programs

The Discretionary Funds may be granted to any worthwhile projects that enhance the quality of life in the Saline Community through new or expanded programs and/or facilities for the Cultural Arts, Recreation, Enrichment, and Senior Citizens.

Grant Application Deadlines

CARES Grant Information for the 2024-2025 school year will be posted on July 1st, 2024.  



List of projects funded through CARES