Young 5s and Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the age range for a student to be enrolled in the Saline Area Schools Young 5s Program?

New for 2024/2025: A child needs to be turning 5 between July 1, 2024 - December 1, 2024 to be eligible for this program. Students who are turning 5 on December 2, 2024 or later are not eligible to attend Young 5s or Kindergarten for the 2024/2025 school year (per state law).

2. When is the information/registration evening for the Young 5s and Kindergarten program?

There will be a Young 5s/Kindergarten webinar held on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 beginning at 6:00 p.m.

3. Even if our child is eligible for the Young 5s Program, can we send our child directly to Kindergarten?

Yes, it is ultimately up to the parent to determine whether you would like your child to attend Young 5s or Kindergarten.

4. How do we get more information to determine if our child is ready for Kindergarten vs. Young 5s?

Screening opportunities will be offered to all incoming Young 5s and Kindergarten students.  These will occur in the summer, and you will be able to schedule your screening time slot after your registration is complete.  However, click Y5s Parent Curriculum Information to view information to assist your decision. 

5. What is similar and what is different between the Young 5s Program and Kindergarten?

  • Similar

    • Both programs are all-day programs

    • They follow the same elementary school schedule

    • Both Young 5s and Kindergarten classes are taught by certified elementary teachers.

    • Tentatively, assuming we have sufficient enrollment, we are planning to run at least one section at each of the three lower elementary schools (Harvest, Pleasant Ridge, and Woodland Meadows). 

  • Different

    • Young 5s academic curriculum is more grounded in early foundational skills.

    • Young 5s moves at a slower pace than Kindergarten.

    • Young 5s curriculum supports more play-based, less intense academic standards. 

6. Will School of Choice (SOC) students be accepted into the Young 5s Program?

The 2024/2025 SOC guidelines can be found on our School of Choice webpage.

7.  When will Kindergarten Registration occur?

The registration process is completely online, and you can submit your information beginning the week of March 18th, 2024.  If you are unable or have difficulty with online registration, please contact the District Enrollment Coordinator. 

 8.  How do I know if my child is old enough to enter Kindergarten in the 2024/2025 school year?

Technically, your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2024, to attend Kindergarten for the 2024/2025 school year. 

However, students who turn 5 between September 2, 2024, and December 1, 2024, are still able to register.  An age waiver is no longer necessary as the state accepts the parent’s signature as approval to register.

Yet, many parents will prefer their child to go to the Young 5s Program. The Young 5s Program will allow students to attend this program as long as they turn 5 between July 1, 2024 and December 1, 2024.

Please note that a child who does not turn 5 until December 2, 2024 or after is not eligible to attend Kindergarten or Young 5s Program per state law.

9.  What are the hours for the Young 5s and Kindergarten school day?

Both Young 5s and Kindergarten programs will follow the same schedule as all the lower elementary schools. Assuming we follow the same schedule as this year, the hours will be 8:51 a.m. – 3:44 p.m.  This is subject to change. We will update this if the hours change.