Adolescent Health Curriculum Updates: The first public hearing on adolescent health curriculum updates for grades 4-8 was held on Monday, June 10. Families interested in a more thorough review of the proposed curriculum may access it at the Saline Area Schools District Office at Liberty School starting on June 11 within normal business hours. Appointments to review the curriculum are recommended by calling the District Office at 734-401-4000. Families unable to review the curriculum during scheduled business hours that would like to request a special accommodation may contact the District Office or email Cameron Cochran. Families can provide feedback on the curriculum using this form. The second public hearing, intended to be held later this summer, will be scheduled soon. 

Lauren Gold
Susan Estep


These Trustees represent the Board in coordination with district policy 2418, state law, and the existing staff and community members on the committee.


Susan Estep
Jenny Miller

Monthly and subcommittees as needed

Saline Area Schools and its Board of Education are committed to creating a culturally competent and responsive school environment where the diverse attributes of each student, staff member, and community member are recognized, valued, and celebrated. The Advisory Committee will support and enhance these efforts by developing strategies and providing multiple perspectives to inform the Board on how to continuously improve its efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive school community.

Board of Education Presentations
January and May 2023

April 13, 2021

June 9, 2020

SAS DEI 3-YEAR PLAN 2020 - 2023


The DEIAC is comprised of representatives from the following groups and is currently seeking new members. 

Board of Education Liaisons: 
Susan Estep 
Jennifer Miller

District Admin Designee:
Laura Washington

1 Community Member, 8 Parent (s) / Guardian (s), 4 Middle and High School Students, 4 SAS Staff Members

Please click HERE to learn about Board Policy on the selection of this committee (along with other logistics associated with this Board committee).

Questions about this committee can be directed to Laura Washington at:


The Board of Education DEI Committee members and Superintendent (or designee) will appoint new members to the Committee when there is a vacancy. A vacancy will exist if a member resigns from the Committee or their term expires. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will stay on file for two years. Committee members, other than the Board Member Committee Members and Superintendent, are limited to serving for two consecutive terms. A single term is two years. • Selection process will be by application • Applications will be reviewed by the Superintendent (or designee) and Board DEI Committee Members on a rolling basis • If selected, applicant will be notified when a vacancy becomes available

Click HERE to apply. 


The vision of the DEI Advisory Committee is to foster an inclusive, educational community where every member feels welcomed, heard, valued, and respected. We aspire to involve and reflect the communities we serve because having varied perspectives leads to better outcomes.

In alignment with the Saline Area Schools strategic framework and compass, we will create an educational environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

By Diversity, we mean embracing, honoring, and celebrating the wide array of differences within us including, but not limited to: race, age, sex, body type, gender expression, gender identity, color, socio-economic class, ethnicity, language, culture, sexual orientation, national origin, religion/spirituality, and ability.

By Equity, we mean ensuring all members within the District have an equal opportunity to participate in the educational community. The goal of the Committee is to ensure Each and EVERY member in our educational community will have the opportunity, resources, and support to thrive and grow. We align our policies, practices, and resources to result in more responsive practices to better meet the needs of our community of students, teachers, administrators, and staff, where all can thrive.

By Inclusion, we mean encouraging, promoting, and sustaining a true sense of belonging and empowerment for each and every member of our educational community. We nurture an environment in which everyone feels valued and respected.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, in partnership with the Superintendent and the Board, shall:

A. Assess the current district environment related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

B. Review and make recommendations to applicable district policies and procedures related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

C. Assess district efforts and progress in achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives.

D. Make Recommendations to the Board regarding DEI initiatives that the Committee believes will aid in the implementation of the purpose of this Policy.

E. Present at least quarterly to the Board of Education regarding committee activities


Lauren Gold
Susan Estep

As needed

These Trustees will meet as needed in coordination with the Administration to ensure that the Michigan Department of Education guidelines to promote nutrition, physical education, and general student well-being are addressed.

Wellness Committee

Mission and Vision of Committee

BOE Policy - Policy 8510

Committee Members

  • Musetta Deneen, Co-chair
  • Noel Koller, Co-chair