December 15, 2020

SAS Board of Education Statement

On behalf of the Board of Education and the students, faculty, and staff, we’d like to offer congratulations on Superintendent Scot Graden’s pending January 29, 2021 retirement and acknowledge and thank him for his exceptional leadership of Saline Area Schools.  During his tenure with the district, his accomplishments are many. Beginning in 1999 in Community Education and for the last 13 years as Superintendent, he has shaped our culture and improved the quality of education in Saline beyond measure.  
Superintendent Graden was instrumental in the 2000, 2009, and 2017 Cultural Arts, Recreation, Enrichment and Seniors (CARES) Millage and renewals that have provided resources to all corners of the district.  He also made strong efforts in the Sinking Fund and Bond campaigns to efficiently maintain facilities and position Saline for 21st-century learning.
He has focused the district on improving student achievement, most notably working side-by-side with his administrative team to develop next generation learning and implement the learner profile (SAS Compass).  He influenced others by sharing the Saline mission and in result, inspired educational leaders throughout the county, state, and nation. 
As the third-longest sitting superintendent in Saline’s 128-year history, when he retires, he will have worked with 26 different school board members, handed out more diplomas to graduating Hornets than anyone before him, hired each of our current administrators and over half of the current teaching staff. He has indeed served our district well. 
Superintendent Graden has not only left his mark on the district, but he has positioned Saline Area Schools with leaders who will navigate the transition and hire a new superintendent who will continue moving our incredible school district forward.  
Thank you, Scot Graden!  We wish you the very best retirement.  You certainly deserve to enjoy yourself and know you have served your community well.  
Heidi Pfannes
President, Board of Education
Saline Area Schools