Our philosophy:  to educate students about cybersafety issues on an ongoing basis so that they can make safe choices, and to enforce consequences for cybersafety violations.


Definition of:  sexting is the act of sending or receiving sexually explicit photos through any electronic device, primarily cell phones. Sexting is also the act of using an electronic device to transmit text which either conspires, commits, or solicits another person to engage in criminal sexual conduct.

Current national statistics:  according to the FBI, approximately 20% of all teens participate in sexting.

Our discipline policy and procedures:

  1. Police authorities immediately notified.

Michigan Law

  1. Violation of  MCL 750.145c Possession or distribution of child pornography.
    1. Possible legal consequences
      1. Production of child pornography (up to 20-year felony)
      2. Distribution (up to 7-year felony)
      3. Possession (up to 4-year felony)
      4. Use of a computer or cell phone to commit a sex offense (up to 20-year felony)
      5. Placement on the sex offender registry per MCL 28.721

Online information for parent education

  1. Common Sense Media

Further information for students (please preview in advance to determine if this resource is appropriate for your family’s use).

  1. That’s Not


Definition of: cyberbullying is the use of electronic devices to threaten, harass, humiliate, or otherwise target another individual.

Current national statistics: according to the FBI, 1 in 11 children are victims of cyberbullying.

Our discipline policy and procedures

  1. Penalties may include suspension or expulsion. When appropriate, referral for criminal prosecution.

Michigan Law

  1. House Bill 4162requires school districts to adopt and follow a bullying and harassment policy.

Online information for parent education

  1. Stop Cyberbullying
  2. National Crime Prevention Council