Forms and Documents

District Deadlines: purchase/travel occurring July-November is due no later than December 15th. Purchase/travel occurring December-March is due no later than April 15th. Purchase/travel occurring April-June is due no later than July 15th.

2022-2023 Request for Payment Form - This form is for Payments. Reimbursements, Refunds & Teacher Improvement Classes/Tuition that are not related to a conference.

Prior to Travel- Approval and FAQs
2022-2023 Conference & Travel Approval Form -Complete prior to conference/travel  PO Requests for building/depart & TI. 
This is not a reimbursement form.
Travel Frequently Asked Questions 

After Travel - Reimbursement Forms - The conference and travel reimbursement form includes a place for mileage; do not submit both. Please use the form that corresponds to the actual dates of travel. Please note the reimbursement date parameters in the above chart.

2023 Mileage Reimbursement Form  - Mileage from 1/1/23-12/31/23
2023 Conference & Travel Reimbursement - This includes Travel for Teacher Improvement, use actual dates of travel occurring between 1/1/23 and 12/31/23) 

Finance Office Reference Guide (Reimbursement guidelines and school procedures)
Student Activity Reference Guide

Student Activity
2022-2023 Request for Payment Form - This form is for all Payments. Reimbursements, Refunds, etc.(form good 7/1/22-6/30/23)
Student Activity Reference Guide
Simple Ledger
Student Activity Deposit Form  Do not send bank receipts and deposit slips to Finance.
Be certain to attach legible PDF to the Deposit form.

Car Rental Request Form Paid by District Directly-Discounted & Tax Exempt 
Car Rental for District Reimbursable Travel (e.g TI) Discounted & Tax Exempt
Domino's Pizza Direct Billing Program
In-District Mileage Chart
REP (Registry of Educational Personnel)
RevTrak Set Up Request Form 
Scholarship Claim Form
Saline Live Video Request Form 

Job Aid Purchasing 
Amazon Business Instructions
Purchase Request Form  This is not a reimbursement form for items already purchased
Used by: (Athletics, Heritage, Woodland Meadows, Donation, Grant Purchases)

Certificate of Insurance Request Form 
Incident/Accident Report (NOT for Employees-Must Report to HR - HR Web page)
Property Loss Form (Damaged items/property)
Auto Incident Form

Vendor ACH Form
Vendor Form - W9 Request