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Welcome to the Saline High School Counseling Office!

We assist students with many facets of their educational opportunities and their vocational choices.

Office Information

SHS Counseling Department

1300 Campus Parkway
Saline, MI 48176

Phone: (734) 401-4336
Fax:  (734) 401-4399

Monday - Thursday  -   7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Friday  -  7:00 am - 3 pm
Phone:  (734)  401-4336
Fax:  (734)  401-4399

Meet the Registrar

Patti Fosdick
Saline High School

Counseling Office Staff


Colleges will be visiting Saline High School this fall!  There is no need to book an appointment, you are welcome to come down and visit with any of the schools.  College visits will be held in the counseling wing.  Please see the following document with the list of colleges and their visit dates.  This is a changing document as more schools will add to visit us here at SHS!  Stay tuned for more.  


Schedule Changes:

Schedule change policies are as follows:

The only schedule change window for the school year will be the 1st week of the 1st trimester.  This is the only opportunity to change a student’s schedule for all three trimesters. Changes will only be made at the start of trimester 2 or trimester 3 for the following reasons:

  • The student has an incomplete schedule, or
  • The student has been academically misplaced.

Students will be permitted one schedule change appointment.  At that time, the student should address all of their scheduling concerns. 

Teacher changes can be made if it benefits class size (i.e. the student is moving into a class that is smaller than the one they are currently in).

Online course requests must be made by the deadline posted in June for the following school year. All online applications will be submitted using the form found on the website or click here.

No online courses may be added after June of each year. As a district, we need to develop our staffing and budget prior to July 1.

The courses that students choose in the winter dictate which courses we offer and the number of sections of each course we offer.  As a result, students should take great seriousness and care in choosing their classes.  

When students want to change their schedule at the beginning of each trimester, it can cause inequity and an adversarial relationship. We are often asked to change the class “just for my student.” Others would be justifiably angry if they found out we made changes for some students but not others. 

Counselors frequently receive requests from students to have a different teacher. This practice is not only unfair to staff but to students as well. All of the teachers at Saline High School have met a rigorous process prior to becoming part of our staff. In addition, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated and committed group of teachers. We encourage students to work with all their teachers to manage their way through adversity that might arise in class. Certainly, in their higher education experiences and work experiences, students will be faced with instructors or employers who aren’t a perfect fit. Now is a good time to manage through these roadblocks with the help and support of all the individuals they have as their resources at SHS.

2023-2024 Important scheduling information:

 2023-2024 Scheduling Information. 

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