saline middle school pbis 

Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kinder than Necessary 

Signs stating the expectations are posted throughout the building and in classrooms to support tier-one instruction.

PBIS Rewards ( is used for staff to reinforce expected student behavior and report unexpected student behavior. Students can access a PBIS Rewards student account on their phone to see the points they have earned for expected behavior.

Lessons and building announcements have been used to provide all students with feedback on large patterns of behavior that have been noticed throughout the building.

Expected student behavior is rewarded: 

Students of the month are selected for all three grade-levels and publicly announced.

Staff reward students with points via a building-wide web-based program for demonstrating expected behaviors in the school setting including common areas and classrooms. Teachers drill down 3B’s for classroom settings, giving explicit expectations for students to follow and be successful.

Once a month in the cafeteria, students who have earned points in PBIS Rewards are randomly selected to receive a reward (e.g., pizza lunch).

Tier-two intervention:

Students showing a pattern of unexpected behavior may be selected to participate in a check-in/check-out program, assigned a staff mentor, or discussed at a child study team meeting.

Staff may work with parents and students as a team to develop a Student Action Plan outlining specific behavior expectations for the student to practice, have support in/out of school, be rewarded, and ultimately find success.  Plans are reviewed on a regular basis to determine progress and move out of Tier-two interventions.