Observing her grandmother sewing and converting  “stacks of fabric” into clothing for the entire family, BRENDA GEIGER emulated these skills into her product line today.  Brenda recalls that her grandmother “used no patterns” and always said, “The best ideas and patterns are in your head.”  Years later, her grandmother’s words stuck with her as she created her own designs, drafted some patterns and started a small clothing line.  But it wasn’t until she discovered leather, that her love of this media and its natural textures began her designing and making bags.  Brenda continued to evolve her talents by developing her skills with metal smithing. This journey continued as she now creates “one-of-a-kind” metal work that is added to her pieces.  Just like her grandmother, she is continuing to pursue her talents, develop them and work from her roots that her grandmother initiated.  You can contact Brenda through her website