Rhonda Barron - Clarkston, MI

RHONDA BARRON was advised that natural treats would be best for her dog.  Having worked in the medical field for 22 years and as a trained biologist and chemist by degree, she started making treats at home.  After experimentation and research, she developed a variety of products that she shared with her friends and family.  They loved “having natural products made from peanut butter and wheat, and grain free plus gluten free.”  Her goals were to produce high-quality affordable treats that “she loved making.”   She then investigated participating in local craft shows and achieved this personal quest to have this become her full-time business.  Her Peanut Paws (peanut butter cups) are trademarked.  Rhonda also does custom work such as “pup-cakes” and birthday treats.   So, after 16 years, her licensed business can be a special treat for your dog.  Rhonda won Best in Show Pet product in 2017 at a show in western Michigan so you know they are good!