Virginie Rolland - Rochester Hills, MI

Virginie Rolland “Stick figure people are my favorite (jewelry) product line,” VIRGINIE ROLLAND relates as “I created and perfected the technique myself, using a combination of basic wire wrapping techniques.” “Each is a challenge as I create new poses and activities for ‘my little guys,’ ” she continues. As Virginie creates these special creations, she also enhances these pieces with natural stones and gemstones. She recently created “Michigan” or “Heart” shape pendants plus her figures doing several popular sports. All of this fuels her creative side, and she admits to an “ ‘ah-ah’ moment during meditation in a yoga class. “I knew I had to create yoga people doing yoga poses but also martial artists, ballerinas, runners, gymnasts and many others,” Virginie states. Customizing her work with school colors or adding sterling silver accents provides this creative individual totally enjoy this craft. Eventhough Michigan pendants are her #1 seller, she finds all of the creations a challenge that she pursues with a passion.