Barb Saalfeld and Linda Musolf - E. Lansing, MI

The Flower Sisters (Linda Musolf and Barbara Saalfeld) create various artistic products by pressing flowers, ferns, herbs and leaves collected from Michigan Gardens, forests and fields. They produce pictures, stationary, bookmarks and more.

Their Mom (Ginnie), an accomplished artist inspired her daughters love for art at an early age. Linda and Barbara also spent much of their childhood gardening and roaming the woods nurturing a strong appreciation of nature.

Today Linda and Barbara still enjoy gardening and collecting/pressing plant material for their art. They treasure the colors, textures and scents of a garden along with the friendship sown from sharing plants and garden wisdom.

Just as each flower, leaf and other gifts from nature are special and different, each item created by the Flower Sisters is individually handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.