Williamson103KATHY WILLIAMSON - Grand Rapids, MI

Starting with four friends in 1990 and sharing the expenses, KATHY WILLIAMSON of Grand Rapids recalls it as a “great way to start and it progressed to all of us getting their own booth.”“When I first started,” Kathy continues, “ I made soft dolls and their clothes.”Havingdaughters who enjoyed these, as they got older and spent the night at friends, she starting making overnight totes.“I try to make things that I would buy,” she relates, and as with her baby music boxes – it has become her top seller.Her favorite customer service is that she [laces a tub on her front porch for customers to pickup custom orders.One day, the tub was missing.Kathy proceeded to call everyone who had orders in the tub.When she found the troublemaker, the wife said in a loud voice, “Someone doesn’t listen.”Kathy’s stated reaction was “it worked for twenty years.”She enjoys doing personalization and custom work so come meet Kathy in Saline.Her booth is always exciting as she has a variety of soft products.